Crows Nest Centre Computer Club

About Us

1    Who are we?

The Crows Nest Centre Computer Club exists to assist Seniors (55+) and people with disabilities to learn how to use a computer in a secure, stress-free and social environment, where they can learn at their own pace.

The Club is a non-profit organisation established under the auspices of North Sydney Community Services Ltd (known as the "Crows Nest Centre") in 2004.

2    Membership - what do you get?

Membership of the Crows Nest Centre Computer Club entitles you to attend Computer Training Courses, Members Meetings and receive Newsletters to keep you informed of the Club's activities and plans.  It also enititles to membership of the Australian Seniors Computer Club Association (ASCCA) the peak body for Seniors and technology.  You can also participate in running the Club as a member of the Management Committee.

Membership is open to any member of the Crows Nest Centre who accepts the objects of and agrees to abide by the rules of the Club and pays the membership fee.

3    What training courses do we offer?

3.1    Courses

The club provides tuition in using computers for a range of tasks, including email, the Internet and digital photography.

The courses comprise four 90 minute class sessions conducted over four weeks.  We suggest beginners undertake the Basic Course before attempting other courses..  After that, Modules can be completed in any order.  Obviousl "advanced" courses should not be attempted before completing less complex ones.

Modules are written for the following operating systems:

Windows 7 (if required)

Windows 10

Mac Computers


Click here to see our full range of courses

3.2    Course schedules

Subject to the availability of our volunteer tutors, the classes start at 10.00 a.m., Noon and 2.00 p.m., Mondays to Fridays. When classes fall on public holidays, replacement classes are normally scheduled.  A typical class has three to six students, so there is plenty of opportuity for individual attention.  Each student has their own computer.

Click here to see Term dates.

4    Do I need to have my own computer?

To learn how to use a computer you need to practice the skills covered by the training courses.  You need your own computer to apply these skills, but for beginners undertaking the basic course you may be able to use the Club computers in the Open Access sessions to practice for a small fee.

The Club can provide information on an organisation which can supply second hand computers at a very reasonable price for those in particular circumstances.

5    How do I join the Club?

Simply fill in the Application Forms (Club and Crows Nest Centre) and forward them with your payment (Cheques made out to "North Sydney Community Service Ltd") to

Crows Nest Centre Computer Club,
2 Ernest Place,
Crows Nest 2065.

6    Fees for 2018

Click here to see the current fee structure

7    Waverton Hub Members

Only a course fee payable of $40. Every 4th course free

8    How do I enrol for a Course?

You must be a financial member of the Club or a member of the Waverton Hub, a member of the Crows Nest Centre, and have paid the required Course Fee(s)

We normally mail out course details to all financial members about two weeks before each term. You then mail back course or courses you wish to attend during the term.  We will do our best to fit you in your chosen course.  However, this is subject to the availability of tutors. We do not usually put on a course for one student. We will normally phone you to confirm your place or discuss alternatives.

We prefer that you start with the basic course if you have no previous experience, then you can proceed with other courses.

9    Who runs the Club?

Volunteers run the Club; a Management Committee elected by the members and tutors who conduct the classes.

10    We need volunteers

We can never have too many volunteers.

For members, this can range from bringing your experience to the Management Committee, helping to "stuff envelopes" for mail outs to members, to using your newly gained knowledge to assist less experienced members. For those with experience in using computers, we always need more tutors.

The Club welcomes enquiries from anyone with or without computer experience offering their services as a volunteer. Also, if you know of anyone who could help the Club, particularly if they could act as a tutor, please encourage them to contact us.  Membership fees are waived for members of the Management Committee and Tutors.

11    How to contact us

Telephone:    Leave a message on our answering machine at 9460 8866

Email:            Send an email to

"Snail" Mail:    Post a letter to:    The Crows Nest Centre Computer Club
                                                    2 Ernest Place
                                                    Crows Nest, 2065